Volume restoration or enhancement

 With more and more non-surgical advances, the need to undergo surgery is not as imperative as it once was. Patients are able to achieve a lifting effect non-surgically.
Dermal fillers are non-permanent, yet long-lasting; subtle, yet durable, cost effective treatments with little or no real downtime associated with them.

Whether looking to restore what time has stolen, or simply enhancing what has always been there, a little filler in strategic locations can achieve astounding results. Volume loss is one of the tell-tale signs of ageing and subtlety is key to achieving a natural look. Knowing where to place the filler and how much filler to place is of paramount importance.

Lip augmentation using silky soft fillers, designed for this sensitive area, result in discrete, realistic and eminently kissable lips.

We only use Hyaluronic Acid (HLA) fillers and our experience and qualifications mean you are in very safe hands.

Consultations are always carried out by the appropriate clinician, and never by a sales representative.

Our ethos is to treat patients so that they look good and feel good, but we aim to deliver subtle elegant results not exaggerated or excessive looks sometimes seen on social media.

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